Formalities on taking up appointment

Applicable to:  Members of the personnel


Members of the personnel must complete a series of formalities on the day they take up their appointment. They are given some information orally, and the various formalities to be completed are explained to them. The aim of these formalities is to ensure that new members of the personnel:

  • get in touch with all the relevant administrative services they need to contact to be able to perform their functions within the Organization, and
  • are familiar with all the benefits to which they may be entitled, as well as the services the Organization provides to facilitate integration in the local area.

Once new members of the personnel have completed these formalities, the HR Department sends applications to the Swiss and French authorities to obtain legitimation cards for them.


1. Services in charge of formalities for members of the personnel taking up appointment

Category Date of formalities on taking up appointment Administrative service in charge of the formalities on taking up appointment
Staff Members ;
1st day of the month (exceptionally the 16th)
or the first working day after, if this falls on a week-end or a public holiday.
HR Department
HR Department - Records' Office
Trainees (except 'STAG')
Apprentices Usually at the end of August

The formalities on taking up appointment are generally organised in June and are attended by the apprentices' parents, the HR Department (Records Office) and the person in charge of the Technical Apprenticeship Program.
On the day they take up their appointment, apprentices are requested to go to the office of the person in charge of the Technical Apprenticeship Program.

Summer students Every Monday during the 5 week-period starting on the first Monday in June HR Department - Summer Students Service
Children of Members of the personnel Mondays from the end of June to the beginning of August Departmental Secretariat
Trainees ('STAG') (6 months max.) All dates possible HR Department - Trainees Service
Users ;
Cooperation Associates ;
Visiting Scientists
Users Office

2. Information provided during the formalities on taking up appointment

On the day they take up their appointment, staff members, fellows, students and associates are instructed to go to the Globe, where they will be directed towards the appropriate administrative services of the HR Department.

The information they are given will depend on the category of member of the personnel to which they belong and, in particular, the benefits to which they may be entitled.

Paid members of the personnel are given an induction form to complete, which varies according to their personal situation.

In all cases, new arrivals must go to the Registration Service (Building 55) as soon as possible in order to obtain a CERN access card. They will then be at liberty to walk or drive wherever they need to go on the CERN site in order to complete the formalities specified on the induction form.

The induction form contains information on the compulsory safety courses to be followed, which can be accessed on line.

The services in charge of the formalities on taking up appointment will also give new arrivals the following information, as appropriate:

For staff members, fellows, associates, trainees and students
Additional information for staff members and fellows

Members of the personnel can then obtain the following supplementary information from the Departmental Secretariat:

  • details of the financial benefits payable on taking up appointment;
  • introduction to the Department (supervisor, office, telephone, organisational structure, etc.).


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