Installation indemnity

Applicable to:  Fellows, Staff members


The conditions applying to the installation indemnity are defined in article R V 1.32 of the Staff Rules and Regulations and in Administrative Circular No. 30.

In accordance with these provisions, the installation indemnity is paid to staff members and fellows fulfilling the following conditions:

  • they must reside over 70 km from CERN (as the crow flies) at the time of their Selection Board, and

  • they must establish their new place of residence within a radius of 50 km from CERN within two years of taking up their appointment.

In addition, staff members must hold a contract with a duration of at least 12 months. In exceptional circumstances, the Director-General may waive this latter condition.

The HR Department will establish whether the person concerned is entitled to the installation indemnity when his contract is drawn up. Please contact the Human Resources Adviser (HRA) responsible for your Department for all questions relating to entitlement to this indemnity.

The amount of the installation indemnity is calculated according to the method set out in Annex R A 9 of the Staff Rules and Regulations.

In case of part-time work, the amount of the installation indemnity is calculated in proportion to the working time.
The family and contractual situation taken into account is that applying when the member of personnel takes up his appointment.


On taking up their posts, members of the personnel entitled to the installation indemnity are invited to go to the Installation indemnity Service to check the personal data taken into account in the calculation of the installation indemnity (basic remuneration, place of residence, family situation, etc.).

The indemnity will then be paid directly into the member of the personnel's bank account within about one week.

NB.: The amount paid must be returned:

  • in the event of resignation during the first year of service, or

  • if the criteria for entitlement to the indemnity have not been fulfilled.


No revision Modifications Approved
1 Diversity-related measures approved in the framework of the 2015 five-yearly review:
The installation indemnity supplement is paid even if the family members do not take up residence with the member of the personnel.