Registration of a Team Account (Teams and Collaborations)

Applicable to:  Other persons concerned, Members of the personnel


A Team Account is a CERN budget code or cost centre used for keeping track of expenditure at CERN and its corresponding external funding.

The term external funding means that the accounting entries are made on behalf of and for the benefit of the requesting Funding Agency or Collaboration. Transactions are not detailed in the CERN annual budget funded by Member State contributions.

Team Accounts should be used exclusively for professional activities in the framework of collaboration work in a CERN experiment executed on CERN's premises.

Research institutes actively participating in an experiment at CERN may request the opening of a Team Account either independently or in collaboration with other research teams.


a) Responsibility of the Funding Agency

The funding agency assigns a Team Account Manager who is responsible for the financial management of the budget code (Team Account) and who has a full overview of the transactions via the CET application.
The Team Account Manager shall ensure that all payment requests and transactions comply with the applicable rules and regulations of the funding agency.

b) Responsibility of CERN Finance (FAP-EF-TC)

CERN makes sure that the budget limit given by the funding agency is not exceeded and that invoices are paid by the funding agencies on a regular basis.
The FAP-EF-TC service also checks claim payments (SUBS, TPP, SUN, TRAV) before execution, see Information on payment and reimbursement forms (EDH claims) for details.

N.B.: CERN has formulated and adopted official policies related to integrity and anti-fraud that bind all CERN employees and partners:


1. Opening of a Team Account

1.1 Different kinds of Team Accounts

Team Account type Description Requested documentation
Visiting Research Team Account - One single Funding Agency or Research Institute contributing funds.
- One or several experiments.
- Automatic monthly invoicing corresponding to expenses debited on budget code, followed up by reminders in case of payment delays.
- Advance payments by RFF are not normally expected.
- Annual expenditure budgets shall be set per Team Account.
- The Team Account Manager has a reporting obligation towards his/her institute.
Opening request form (see 1.2) signed by an authorised responsible Finance Officer from the Research Institute/Funding Agency
Grey Book registration in accordance with opening request (Funding Agency/Experiment combination)
Collaboration Team Account - Several Institutes or Funding Agencies contributing funds.
- Team Account linked to income and/or expenditure.
- Expenditure authorisations based on cash balance of single Team Account or groups of Team Accounts within the collaboration.
- Invoicing and reminders initiated by Team Account Manager (Resource Coordinator) using RFF' in accordance with financial documents (RRB/FRC).
- For certain collaborations monthly automatic invoices are issued, but not sent to the funding agencies.
- The Team Account Manager (Resources Coordinator) has a reporting obligation towards the participating institutes.
Written opening request sent by spokesperson or resources coordinator (normally Memo or e-mail, but the opening request form can also be used, see 1.2)
Grey Book registration
Memorandum of Understanding for each project phase (construction, M&O, upgrade, etc.)
Regular reporting of expected income and spending profile (RRB, FRC etc.)
Special Fund Agreement - One single Institute or Funding Agency contributing funds
- Invoicing and reminders issued by RFF' and/or automatic monthly invoicing in accordance with agreement
- A Team Account Manager (TAM) present at CERN is nominated in collaboration between CERN and the institute and has access to and can check all transactions.
- The Team Account Manager and/or the CERN person defined as the financial contact has a reporting obligation towards the Institute or Funding Agency.
Opening request form (see 1.2) or agreement signed by CERN Management.
Expected expenditure and funding process described in a specific CERN agreement or K-contract.

1.2 Filling out an opening request form

The Application form for a visiting research Team Account should be signed by an authorised Finance Officer (head of finance or similar, easily identifiable on an official web page).

The fields to complete include pop-up help texts, visible when completing the form on a computer.

The signed paper originals must be sent to CERN, FAP-EF-TC, Mailbox C21000, CH-1211 Geneva 23.

Depending on the type of Team Account requested, additional documentation might be needed: see paragraph 1.1.

If the request is approved, the nominated Team Account Manager will receive an e-mail giving access to the website for Team Account Management together with important information on how to financially manage and check the Team Account. The Team Account will be activated only after the Team Account Manager has entered and confirmed the accuracy of the registered information and assigned roles such as signature holders and invoice administrator for the Team Account. More information about this can be found under Roles and Access Rights (see paragraph 2).

2. Enter and modify account information

2.1 Who can modify registered data?

The expenditure budget, signature rights, access to invoices and other data registered for the Team Account can be modified under the tab “My Team Accounts (TAM)”. The page can be accessed directly via the URL:
Please note that this page is accessible only for Team Account Managers that have logged in to the site (via “Sign in” in the top right corner). A person might have signature rights without being the assigned Team Account Manager, in which case the person will not have access to the site.

2.2 Enter and modify data

Click on the hyperlink of the Team Account Txxxxxx and select “Edit Item” to modify, press OK when ready. It may take a couple of days for the modification to be approved and transferred to CERN’s main database.

3. Closing of Team Account

A Team Account can be closed upon request.
All outstanding expenditure must be paid before this action can be taken.
If a Team Account has not been used for a long period of time, it will be deactivated by CERN Finance services. Remaining funds will be returned to the overpaying Funding Agency(ies).


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