Roles and access rights (Teams and Collaborations)

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This procedure is based on the definitions provided in the document Financial and Administrative Provisions Applicable to Visiting Research Teams and Collaborations at CERN.


1. Roles

1.1 Head of Funding Agency or authorised responsible Financial Officer

A request to open a Team Account must always be signed by the head of the funding agency or by a responsible financial officer authorised to make financial commitments on behalf of the funding agency. In the case of a new collaboration common fund Team Account, this should be the spokesperson. The opening of additional Team Accounts for the collaboration can be requested in writing by the collaboration’s resources coordinator.

By appointing a Team Account Manager present at CERN, the financial officer delegates full authority to the Team Account Manager for financial control matters and for the responsibilities listed under section 1.2 below. It is important that a valid e-mail address for the head of the funding agency or the financial officer is entered. This will allow CERN Finance services to inform the funding agency when the database is updated at the request of the Team Account Manager, in particular when the modifications concern the Team Account Manager. In the past this information was not recorded, and was requested only on the form to open the account. It might therefore be missing or outdated. It is the responsibility of the Team Account Manager to provide this information using the Team Account Management webpage if the relevant field is currently empty and to keep it up to date. The Team Account Manager is responsible for reporting all relevant information about the Team Account to the head of the funding agency and the funding agency’s finance department, in accordance with the rules and procedures set up between the funding agency and the Team Account Manager.

1.2 Team Account Manager (TAM) (Budget Holder)

a) Responsibilities and roles

The Team Account Manager is responsible for the financial management of the Team Account and for ensuring that any request for a service by a member of the visiting research team complies with the applicable rules and regulations of the funding agency.

The Team Account Manager is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assigning signature rights for the Team Account for the approval of expenditure (maximum 5 persons, who must be present at CERN).
  • Appointing invoice administrator at the funding agency to receive and pay invoices from CERN. If no invoice administrator is appointed, the Team Account Manager has the responsibility to forward all invoices to the administration of the funding agency.
  • Communicating the funding agency’s forecast expenditure budget to CERN.
  • Keeping records up to date (name of responsible financial officer, invoice address of the funding agency, etc.).
  • At the request of the funding agency, appointing a new Team Account Manager to replace the currently assigned person.

The Team Account Manager must be a CERN member of the personnel (see registration procedure on the Users Office website. Persons not registered as being present at CERN, for instance those classed as External /PART (External participant in a CERN experiment), cannot be given signature rights. In the event of access problems, the computer account status can be checked using the webpage:

The Team Account Manager will be informed by e-mail when an invoice or invoice reminder has been issued. There cannot be more than one Team Account Manager per Team Account.

b) Guidelines to facilitate the administration of Team Accounts

All movements on a Team Account (budget code, cost centre) can be followed using the CET application
CERN must be notified of any disagreement with the recorded account movements within 30 days.
Expenditure requests are initiated using EDH:

Examples of requests:

For any assistance in using EDH, please refer to the EDH help page: or contact

Depending on the level of expenditure, invoices detailing the expenses will be issued every month or every second month, and will be sent to the Team Account Manager and to the invoice administrator by e-mail. The Team Account Manager can also access invoices directly from this webpage: or by selecting the small green “money” icon in CET.
It is important that the institute receives the invoices as quickly as possible and that they are paid without delay.
Invoices should preferably be paid using a bank transfer. It is important to mark the Team Account number and the invoice reference on all payments.
If the Team Account remains negative and invoices are not paid on time, expenditure requests may be blocked.

1.3 Signature Holders

Signature Holders have the right to approve expenditure on a Team Account up to a specified limit. They may be given access to tools for controlling and managing the account (CET, EDH, etc.) at the specific request of the Team Account Manager using the Team Account Management webpage. This page is accessible only to Team Account Managers.

There can be a maximum of five signature holders on a Team Account. Please note that you do not need to have signature rights for an account to be able to create an EDH request.

Expenditure requests in the form of electronic EDH documents will go to the first person on the list if that person has sufficient signature rights for the amount of the request. If that person is not available, the request will be sent to the next people on the list in turn. If the creator of the document has sufficient signature rights, no other signature holder will receive the request unless the creator is the beneficiary of the claim, in which case a second signature is necessary.

It is important that the signature rights given are sufficiently high to cover all foreseeable expenditure requests. If an account with only one person authorised to sign for amounts of 1'000 CHF receives a purchase request for 1'300 CHF the request may be blocked in the system. Some specific EDH requests require a much higher signature right than the amount that is actually debited (e.g.. GSM requests and shipping requests). It is therefore recommended that at least the Team Account Manager is given unlimited signature rights. It is also recommended that more than one person be assigned signature rights in case of absence. The Team Account Manager can avoid receiving too many requests by appointing an assistant with the highest priority but with a limited signature amount.

Signature holders must have an employment or association contract with CERN and be present. Persons not registered as being present at CERN, for instance those classed as External/PART (External participant in a CERN experience), cannot be given signature rights. In the event of access problems, the computer account status can be checked using the webpage:

1.4 Invoice Administrator

The Invoice Administrator normally works in the accounts payable section or in the finance department of the funding agency and is responsible for processing the invoices sent by the CERN administration. The Invoice Administrator will receive monthly invoices by e-mail as well as invoice reminders if applicable.

It is not necessary for the Invoice Administrator to maintain an active CERN computer account.

However, CET access (for details of financial transactions), including access to the invoice archive, can be given only if the person has an active CERN computer account.
There cannot be more than one Invoice Administrator per Team Account.
The Invoice Administrator is appointed by the Team Account Manager using the Team Account Management webpage. This page is accessible only to Team Account Managers.

1.5 Team Leader (see "Teams" and "Role management in experiment" procedures)

The role of the Team Leader is often confused with the role of the Team Account Manager. The Team Leader role is managed by the Users Office, and is more a role of managing the persons from other institutes. The Team Leader might be with the same person as the Team Account Manager, but this is not necessarily the case.

2. Access rights

A CERN computer account is needed to be able to access CERN-specific applications and resources. For Team Account Managers and signature holders, this is handled by the CERN Service Desk.

As of 2015, Invoice Administrators no longer need a CERN computing account unless they require direct access to the internal CERN finance application CET: Such specific access must be requested by the Team Account Manager on the Team Account Management webpage. Avoid requesting this access unless it is really needed since the associated administrative procedure is quite complicated.

Our current computer security rules require us to record both the nationality and the date of birth of the person, together with his/her name and e-mail address. Furthermore, the person has to follow a short IT security course on the computer and sign the CERN Computing Rules. This must be done within five days, failing which the computing access is disabled.

All persons with a CERN computer account may receive an e-mail message from CERN informing them that their computer access will shortly expire and providing instructions how to extend the access rights. This may be due to an expired password that needs to be renewed, failure to pass the computer security course, failure to sign the CERN Computing Rules or the end of the CERN registration period.

It is necessary to react promptly to such e-mails and to follow the instructions given in the e-mail.
In the event of access problems, you can verify that the computer account status is active using the webpage: You can also use this site to reset your password, follow the computer security course, sign the Computing Rules and modify your e-mail address.


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