Annual internal taxation certificate

Applicable to:  Members of the personnel


The annual internal tax certificate delivered by CERN shows, for the previous year, the taxable amount for financial and family benefits paid by the Organization, as well as the amount of internal tax levied by the Organization during the same period, calculated with CERN scale.

The certificate is intended exclusively to the tax authorities in the context of income tax declarations.


1. How obtain the annual internal taxation certificate

1.1 CERN members of personnel

In March each year, members of the personnel receive an e-mail showing a link to the annual internal taxation certificate which can be printed if required. This certificate is available at the site where the monthly salary payslips are stored. 

It is equally possible to consult the annual certificate through HRT open "Pay info" in the menu "My e-documents and Self Services").

In case of difficulty in obtaining the annual certificate, send an e-mail explaining the problem to

1.2 Members of personnel who are leaving CERN

1.2.1 Register the private e-mail address

Before the end of contract date, the member of personnel must register his private e-mail address which will replace his CERN e-mail upon departure, to ensure communication and authentication continuity

In order to do this, it is necessary to connect to the CERN Account management site.

The member of the personnel must record his private e-mail address before the end of his contract, on the page 'Manage My Accounts’.

The site: can be used at any time to enable, check or modify the account information, as well as to reset the password if necessary.

In case of difficulty with the CERN Account management site, fill-in the form available on the Service Portal to explain the problem.

1.2.2 Obtain the certificate

When the annual internal tax certificates have been established (in March each year), members of the personnel who have registered their private e-mail address in CERN Account Management site before their departure, will receive an e-mail message informing them that the annual certificate is available.

This message will contain a link to the interface which allows access to the annual certificate:

  • In the first field it is necessary to complete the private e-mail address, in the second field the password of the associated ‘lightweight’ (external) account, and

  • then indicate the year for the certificate the member of the personnel wishes to print;

  • validate with the option "Get certificate".

Please note: members of personnel who registered a private address and still have a valid CERN account, will receive an e-mail via their private e-mail address which links directly to their annual certificate.

In case of difficulty with the CERN Account management site, fill-in the form available on the Service Portal to explain the problem.

1.3 Members of the personnel having terminated their contract at CERN and/or having not informed CERN of their private e-mail address, or having met with any technical difficulties

After two months following the expiration of the contract, the Primary and Secondary accounts are automatically disabled and it is no longer possible to obtain the annual internal taxation certificate on-line, unless, before leaving CERN, a non-CERN external e-mail address has been provided ( > My Accounts > Provide or update an external e-mail address).

In case of difficulty with the CERN Account management site after that, fill-in the form available on the Service Portal to explain the problem.

Exceptionaly the ex-member of personnel can request a taxation certificate via the Service Portal, by e-mail or by post to the following address:

FP Department, Salaries Office
"Annual internal taxation Certificate"
CH - 1211 Geneva 23

Attached must be a photocopy or scanned copy of an identity card or passport of the member of personnel and state also an address for correspondence.

The annual internal tax certificate will be sent by post or by e-mail.


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