Calculation of the distance in a straight line

In the framework of administrative work at CERN, it is sometimes necessary to calculate distances like a crow flies between several locations, like between CERN and the staff member's home station, his place of residence or an educational establishment.

In order to simplify this task, administrative services can use:

  • either the GPS Coordinates website which allows to find out the distance between two or more points anywhere on the earth.
  • or the calculator tool below developed by FAP-BC.

The geographical coordinates of the two locations have to be entered in decimal format
ddd.fff where ddd = 0-3 digits and fff = 0-3 digits.

Following site can be used to obtain the geographical coordinates of a specified address:

The first location in the calculator below - "from" line - is initialised with CERN's coordinates (official postal address: CH-1217 Meyrin, Route de Meyrin 385) that can be overwritten if necessary.

After having entered the coordinates, press the "Calculate" button in order to display the result in km (Sorry, this calculator does not work with Internet Explorer!).


Distance like a crow flies

  Latitude Longitude
(init value: geographical coordinates of CERN)

Result in km