Onboarding programme

Applicable to:  Members of the personnel


The onboarding programme is designed to welcome newly recruited persons to CERN and to promote their integration at CERN and in the region on taking up their functions.

This programme comprises two parts:

  • a first part (monthly welcome session) takes place on the first working day of the month and is an opportunity to provide new recruits with practical information relating to their specific immediate needs. The department in which the new recruit will work also contributes to this integration process;
  • a second part (quarterly session) takes place every three months and is intended to familarise new recruits with, and promote their integration into, the CERN environment.


1. First part (monthly session)

The monthly welcome session applies to staff members, fellows, technical, doctoral and administrative students, project, scientific, corresponding and cooperation associates (only LIT), guest professors and trainees (FTC, FTEC, JPO, ADI and VIA).

Newcomers arriving on the first working day of the month are invited to attend the session on that day.

1.1 Programme for the day  

The programme for the session is available on Indico.

The morning session is generally held in the Globe and consists of the following:  

  • General welcome and breakfast (coffee and croissants),

  • Welcome by the head of the HR Department,

  • Participation to an interactive quiz,

Newcomers are welcomed in their department by the Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) to be introduced in their new working environment (colleagues, allocation of office and assignment of tasks, etc.).

In the afternoon, besides to the integration within their department, newcomers may also finalise their arrival formalities.

At the end of the welcome session, Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) sends an e-mail to the Records Office and to the Installation indemnity service with the names of latecomers and missing persons among the employed members of the personnel then a second email, to the same services, is required when these people have actually arrived. The Records Office then confirms their appointment in Oracle HR.

Newcomers starting another day than the first of the month will also be welcomed by their Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) as soon as they take up appointment at CERN. 

1.2 Supervision

1.2.1 Role of the supervisor

The supervisor is encouraged to present the new working environment (the scope of the work itself, the new recruit’s workstation and the team and group in which he will be working).

1.2.2 Induction interview

The supervisor must schedule an induction interview with the new recruit in order to set clear and precise work objectives and to determine any training requirements.

The induction interview is obligatory for staff members and fellows and must take place within six weeks with effect from the start of the contract.

The document Formulaire d'entretien d'entrée en fonctions (titulaires) / Induction Form (Staff) or Formulaire d'entretien d'entrée en fonctions (boursiers) / Induction Form (Fellows) must be completed in EDH.

2. Second part (quarterly session)

This quarterly integration applies to staff members, fellows, doctoral students and users.

2.1 Programme for the day

The programme for the session is available on Indico.

  • General welcome and breakfast (coffee and croissants),

  • A series of presentations followed by a question and answer session on the following topics:

    • Scientific activities of CERN,
    • Categories of members of the Organization’s personnel (staff members, fellows, etc.),
    • Role of the HRAs,
    • Computer security,
    • Internal and external communication,
    • Library,
    • Equal opportunities,
    • Training,
    • Pension Fund,
    • Staff Association (clubs and their activities),
    • Ombuds,
    • Fellows,
    • Knowledge transfer activities.
  • A very informal question and answer session with the Director-General.

  • End of the day cocktail and meetings with department heads.

It should also be noted that the various stages of the day are interspersed with games and coffee breaks to promote interaction between the participants.


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